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Human Capital Consulting, Coaching and Training

With best practice people strategies, collaborative teams and an engaged, energised and mentally fit workforce, organisations thrive. Thriving organisations create more significant stakeholder value and social impact.

Our holistic, human-centred and evidence-based approach proactively addresses the root causes of psychosocial risks, enables engagement and is a catalyst for organisational performance.

Strategy | Leadership | Team Performance

How we help

boards, Directors and Councillors


HR and Senior Leaders


Teams and Individuals


Inspire & Grow

Holistic, systemic, evidence and strengths-based

We are team performance specialists and provide leadership development and training that doesn’t impact on your busy schedule. 

Programs are customised and Includes 1:1 sessions, workshops, customised modules and bite size sprint sessions, depending on the unique needs of the individual or team. 

Modules can be presented as stand-alone units, or as part of a program. The majority of our modules can be presented online, and are supplemented with e-learning content for ongoing learning and sustained change.


Vision & Strategy

Are you super clear where you are heading? Where are you, your team or your organisation going to be in 5 years? Do you have simple, measurable, actionable steps how to get there? Does your team know these steps and are they following them? What is impacting on you and your team’s future?

You are not defined by your past. Your team is not defined by their past. When you are living powerfully and intentionally, you will stretch your perspective and mindset.

There are trusted ways to map out simple steps towards a powerful future.

Plan & Execute

Overwhelmed and under-resourced? We can work with your team and help you develop plans fully aligned with Integrated Planning and Reporting standards.

Showcase your strengths as employer of choice. Map out a clear path so your team are able to deliver on their objectives.


Shift & Improve

Are you and your team snowed under with paperwork, duplication and processes that just don’t seem to flow efficiently? How long is it taking to fill vacancies? How many forms are completed in a day? Through action mapping and process audits we can help you identify gaps, iron out stumbling blocks and automate processes.

Unlock & Accelerate

We have interviewed hundreds of people and have reviewed thousands of job applications.  No need to be terrified of interview panels, we can help you build confidence, get rid of the nerves. and nail your interview with a toolbox full of strategies to fall back on.

There are trusted ways to map out simple steps towards a powerful future, rewritten by you.

Managing Psychosocial Risk: Leverage Technology for Humans

We have a unique blend of expertise in the strategic, marketing, human and technology elements of the talent management pipeline and help our clients attract and retain people who are the right fit through brand-aligned processes and best practice HR Processes.  In addition to Employee Value Proposition and Employer Branding strategy, we have project managed several large HR System implementations, driving transformation and streamlining processes such as performance management, recruitment, appointment, onboarding and HR reporting. 

technology for humans

Pulse™ Software Partner

hr process automation

Save time, automate processes, and meet regulatory requirements, Ultimately Freeing Up Valuable Time Previously Spent On Manual Tasks

We partner with Pulse Software, (www.pulsesoftware.com) an Australian Enterprise Grade SaaS company focused on developing and supporting industry-leading business process management software for a range of organisations and industries, including Local Government, Education, Financial Services, Construction, Healthcare and Not-for-Profit.

A specialist in HR processes, Pulse has a solid reputation for ease of use, configurability and efficiency in digital human connection, helping businesses stand out in the ever-changing digital landscape.

Ideal for both Local Government and organisations with little to no in-house human resource support, Pulse provides an online platform to centrally manage and automate employee onboarding, learning and development as well as performance. Essential tasks including policy acknowledgement, training reminders, learning pathway development as well as performance reviews are all set, tracked, delivered, managed, and reported centrally through the platform.

Digitise employee records

Retire paper-based processes and centrally access employee data and HR documents, manage and track employee performance reviews, or run functional reports in a couple of clicks.

Manage Psychosocial Risk

Improve efficiencies, reduce  job demands, improve job control, improve role clarity, improve policy control, improve compliance, improve training, improve recordkeeping, improve policy control, improve reporting

Save time

Automate tasks, centrally set and manage employee reminders and reduce the time spent on repetitive administration.

Drive employee performance

Drive a transparent review process and enable both reviewers and reviewees to have meaningful performance and career conversations. Save time, automate processes, and meet regulatory requirements, ultimately freeing up valuable time previously spent on manual tasks.

Meet compliance needs

Create peace of mind that your organisation is meeting compliance requirements and lower your business risk. Track policy and process acknowledgement as well as employee certifications (such as WHS capabilities) centrally in the one solution.

Nurture and develop

Fast-track employee productivity by providing new hires with an online portal filled with onboarding materials. Offer continuous professional development to staff as well as manage, record and report training information simply and centrally.

Payroll integration

Integrate with your favourite payroll system and create a single source of truth for employee information.

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