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Self-leadership program

Leadership skills are needed now more than ever, whether you have people reporting to you or not.

This is not a standard leadership training program focusing on boring Management Theory 101. Available as a public or in-house offering, it enables a deep understanding of human behaviour and incorporates neuroscience, diversity elements and culturally appropriate leadership practices.

Our program helps professionals lead from their heart, THEIR way.

One of our participants recently submitted the program outline as part of credit towards her Masters in Engineering studies, and it was recognised by Southern Cross University to count towards credit for academic units PROJ6007 (Stakeholder Engagement) and MGMT6003 (The Positive Leader).

We don’t believe in cookie-cutter leadership

Presented over 3 months, this journey includes confidential 1:1 as well as group coaching sessions, assessments, experiential learning, mentoring, e-learning and instruction. Modules incorporate human centred, holistic leadership, positive psychology principles, coaching and workplace resilience strategies. The program is customised for each cohort based on the unique individual styles and the characteristics of participants’ teams and is also available as an in-house corporate program.

Tired of...

Program Structure

Only 8 seats per cohort

Exclusive, personalised 3 month leadership program

Only available four times a year.

Set your own goals for growth

Unpack the obstacles standing in your way as a leader. Tackle limiting beliefs and discover your authentic style.

Discover the Golden Thread of team success

Diagnose your team’s joy blockers. Develop an action plan to tackle team dysfunctions and derailers.

Strengthen Psychological Safety of your Team

Simple steps to win your team’s respect, help them build a stronger alliance, improve levels of trust, strengthen collaboration and ensure a clearer path towards team goals. Start discovering how to overcome team dysfunctions.

Develop a deeper understanding of your and your team's work preferences

Learn how work preferences impact on joy at work. Discover tools and communication strategies you can apply with your team straight away.

Lead courageously

Explore the reasons behind people’s fear of opportunities and their focus on change obstacles. Uncover the factors influencing risk aversion and impulsive decision-making. Improve neurodiversity management, empathetic leadership, and avoid unintentionally diminishing others.

Build courage to be vulnerable and lead from the heart

Align your leadership style with your whole self – your personal values, purpose and personality. Become more authentic in your leadership style.

Tackle Mindset, Emotional Intelligence and Negative Thinking Patterns

Refine your communication and boost emotional intelligence. Master practical coaching methods to challenge your own thoughts and guide your team. Discover stress relief techniques to recharge as a leader, deactivate stress responses, and ease anxiety ahead of challenging discussions.

Develop Powerful Communication Skills

Improve conversational intelligence by gaining confidence, practicing active listening, and understanding digital body language. Discover effective feedback techniques, handling passive-aggressive behaviour, and using 360-degree feedback for personal growth.

Develop Diversity Leadership Skills

Learn how to listen deeply, how to lead in a neurodiverse world, and how to apply inclusive, culturally relevant leadership practices.

“Blyde, before working with you I felt like a failure. My team wasn’t working well together, nobody was meeting deadlines and everything was just too hard. I worked longer and longer hours, thinking it will help if I just get a few projects over the line. You helped me uncover what prevented me from leading my team from my heart, in a way that felt comfortable to ME and aligned with my natural flow. My team has started working together in a way that is bringing out the best in them. I feel much more comfortable at executive meetings now, no longer out of my depth and afraid of being judged.”

Sarah M

NFP Executive

Meet Your Coach

“Kind human, I have walked in your shoes. I was rapidly promoted through leadership roles, always being elevated to the next step but always doubting myself for being there.”

Blyde Neser is an accomplished Human Capital Consultant and ICF Accredited Executive and Team Coach, and the driving force behind Professional Coaching Solutions, a collective of highly experienced and qualified thought leaders, consultants, coaches, and other skilled practitioners who have joined forces to multiply social impact. With a focus on human-centric leadership development, workplace wellness, mental resilience, strategic talent and change management, and the empowerment of process automation, Professional Coaching Solutions collaborates with visionary leaders, cultivating thriving teams and enhancing organisational performance.

“I broke the glass ceiling as the first female to be promoted to a head of department at the Financial Services Board, but I sat at that boardroom table feeling completely out of my depth, terrified of being judged because I was one of the youngest on the leadership team, the only woman, and also the only one in the room who was neither a Chartered Accountant nor an Actuary. It literally broke my heart leaving my 3-month-old baby at daycare, but I went back to work, because I had to “man up” and there was “important business to attend to”. I was terrified that I am going to be seen as a failure in my professional role and jeopardise my career. I wish I could travel back in time to prevent my younger self from burning out and creating an incurable autoimmune disease. But I can’t. What I CAN do , is to help you build confidence and avoid the mistakes I made.”

Some of the inclusions...

profile inclusions

Team Management Profile® with personalised reports and resources

Our programs proactively address the root causes of the dark side (team dysfunction, resistance to change, lack of trust, underperformance, bullying, harassment, lack of accountability, poor leadership, disengagement, turnover and conflict). We help teams tackle these complex and deeply ingrained issues from all relevant angles, rather than just offering a singular approach, and reverse the negative spiral.

Opportunities-Obstacles QO2™ Profile

Personalised report based on scientifically based assessments, a workbook and diagnostic tools, to help you understand how people approach risks, change  and opportunities and identify your personal development strategies.

Understand Why:

Only 8 seats per cohort

Exclusive, personalised 3 month leadership program

Only available four times a year.


Common questions


Yes, Government procurement can be covered under an existing Standard Operating Notice. We are an approved government supplier. Please email us on hello@professionalcoachingsolutions.com.au for more details.

  • Kind-hearted leaders and emerging leaders who want to help their teams become high performers and are tired of working long hours to make it happen.
  • People who are serious about showing up for themselves and their team.
  • Those that are not freaked out about terminology like “energy”, “manifestation” or the occasional f-bomb.
  • Those who are willing to hold space for others in the circle, and contribute towards their growth in a powerful way.

Very wise decision! You will get huge traction without compromising your own self-development, and your team will enjoy the self-development opportunity. More importantly, the fact that you appreciate them will make a huge difference in their confidence and enhance their performance.

For a quote, just email us on  hello@professionalcoachingsolutions.com.au

If you arrange for your whole team to attend, it will depend on the size of your team. If you attend individually, the program is capped at 8 attendees to ensure personalised attention.

Yes, but it will only be accessible to the cohort group to maintain confidentiality.

This is not a formal qualification but you will receive a certificate of completion.

If you are not satisfied, just e-mail us before session 3 to arrange for a refund.

Payment Plans available.

To pay by credit card, click on the “Join Now” buttons on this page. To receive an invoice and pay via EFT, e-mail us on hello@professionalcoachingsolutions.com.au

What Our Valued Clients Say

team management profile

Team Management Profile

All our work is evidence-based. Our psychometric profiles for teams and individuals
have been endorsed by the British Psychological Society and continuously benchmarked against global norm data. These profiles have delivered solid frameworks in the development of leadership skills, personal development and high performing teams for more than 30 years.

Understanding work preferences is a critical component in developing individual,
team, group and organisational performance. Endorsed by the British Psychological Society, Team Management Systems’ Team Management Profile (“TMP”) Questionnaire focuses on enhancing understanding of an individual’s approach to work which provides constructive, work-based information outlining an individual’s work and communication preferences. It takes only 10 minutes to complete and has been used extensively in the development of high-performing teams globally.

The benefits of understanding others’ work preference include – amongst others:

The TMP also enables teams to identify bind spots. For example, if the team’s work preferences are under represented in one area, it may lead to issues such as insufficient focus on governance and risk. Various tools and diagnostics are provided to enable the team to do quick 10-minute check-ins to continuously assess performance on certain aspects (e.g how well a project team is tracking).

The TMP is used in a variety of ways. Some examples include: