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Maximising team performance through a proactive, holistic, integrated approach, we help professionals thrive so they can add more significant stakeholder value and social impact.

Our work is evidence-based, backed by science and many decades of expertise in human behaviour. We integrate positive psychology, strengths-based leadership, neuroscience and other time-tested practices to help build trust, psychological safety and collaboration, improve organisational wellbeing and practively address the root causes of psychosocial risk.

We are privileged to Work With

Our holistic approach

Teams Need


Purposeful, Authentic Leadership

Leadership isn’t just a title—it’s a mindset that drives success from every level of your organisation. We specialise in cultivating confident, authentic leaders through human-centered approaches.

Our programs foster psychological safety and collaboration, breaking through barriers to unleash team potential and evidence-based strategies. Our Inner Circle leadership program for individuals is an example of the type of programs on offer.


People Focused Culture

Elevate your team’s performance with our expertise in cultivating a culture of collaboration, trust and psychological safety. Through behavioural-based change management practices and a focus on best practice talent management, we ensure your workplace is a thriving hub of innovation and creativity. Our emphasis on feedback cultivates a culture of continuous improvement, driving success at every level. Mentally fit, resilient, thriving teams drive sustainable transformation. Thriving organisations drive stakeholder impact.

Processes and Role Clarity to Perform

Attract and retain top talent with a compelling employer brand, clear value statements, unique Employee Value Proposition and optimal use of technology for humans. Our best-in-class talent management strategies ensure you attract purpose-driven individuals who align with your organisation’s mission and offer engaging employee experiences. Streamlined performance frameworks, onboarding and Employee Lifecyle processes coupled with efficiency and clarity will enhance employee engagement and reduce psychosocial risk, creating an environment where your team can thrive.


brain body mind

Brain | Body | Mind

We are TEAM PERFORMANCE specialists and incorporate Positive Psychology, Neuroscience and other somatic elements in our work.

Our programs proactively address the root causes of the dark side (team dysfunction, resistance to change, lack of trust, underperformance, bullying, harassment, lack of accountability, poor leadership, disengagement, turnover and conflict). We help teams tackle these complex and deeply ingrained issues from all relevant angles, rather than just offering a singular approach, and reverse the negative spiral.


We help teams thrive

Everything revolves around humans, and how they connect and collaborate with others. But, humans are complex beings, and our brains are wired differently. How we build confidence in others, the energy we convey, and the processes and tools we provide to help them perform optimally all play a role. One size fits all tick and flick compliance programs or an approach that tackles these complex issues from one angle doesn’t build trust, improve culture, reduce team dysfunctions and create employee engagement.

Attracting and engaging thriving, high-performing teams requires a deep understanding of the diversity of humankind, their thought patterns, experiences, belief systems, brain programming and work preferences. 

We are revolutionising team leadership and help professionals follow their heart, find confidence and purpose, avoid burnout, build mental fitness, engage great people and find more joy at work.

We also work with selected individuals, helping them build confidence and skills to set them up for a purpose-aligned career, a better work-life balance.

The 5 Dysfunctions of Teams

Team & Individual Assessments

endorsed by the British Psychological Society

team management profile

Team Management Profile

The TMS Team Management Profile (TMP) is one of the world’s leading psychometric profiling tools for personal, team and leadership development. Since 1985, the TMP has successfully delivered a framework for creating and sustaining high performing teams for many of the world’s most successful organizations.

Opportunities-Obstacles Quotient

Opportunities-Obstacles Quotient

Is your glass half-empty or half-full? The Opportunities-Obstacles Quotient Profile looks at people’s approach to risk and determines the balance of effort put into seeing the opportunities and obstacles at work. Some people have a higher risk acceptance than others and may see only the opportunities, often ignoring the obstacles. Others may be risk averse and see only the obstacles, ignoring the possibilities of new projects or ventures.

Linking Leader 360

Linking Leader 360

The LLP|360 identifies performance around fundamental people, task and leadership-related skills. Based on 360° feedback, the Profile provides a gap analysis of the extent to which the leader should and does demonstrate the key behaviours. Used to support leadership development, coaching and performance management, the Profile starts a conversation around priorities and allow a realignment of expectations.

profile inclusions



How we help

HR & Senior Leaders

  • Team, Executive and Leadership Coaching.
  • Training programs, including how to lead in a neurodiverse world, difficult conversations and value alignment.
  • Women in Public Sector programs.
  • Individual and team assessments.
  • Leadership development and Emerging Leaders Programs
  • Strengths-based programs.
  • Team Building.
  • Change Management
  • Human Resource Project Management and system implementations
  • Team Diagnostics and health checks
  • Employer Branding/ Employee Value Proposition
  • Streamlining Talent Management processes to attract, engage and retain.
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Policy compliance automation.
  • Mental Health Strategies & Mental Health First Aid Training
  • Compliance Training, including preventative bullying and harassment and Respect @ Work programs.
  • Workforce Strategy
  • Motivational Sessions.
  • Outplacement Programs


  • Helping individuals navigate change
  • Leadership development
  • Executive coaching.
  • Confidence coaching
  • Interview and career coaching
  • Building courage to provide more powerful feedback
  • Aligning your personal brand with your ideal role.

Governance Teams

  • Reducing risk and costs by streamlining policy compliance, risk management and delegations.
  • Automating the Integrated Planning and Reporting process for ease of reporting.
  • Health checks/ diagnostics.

Elected Bodies

  • Streamlining the Compliance part of Councillor Onboarding (including policy and procedure control, and automating forms).
  • Councillor induction to build collective self-awareness, conversational intelligence, psychological safety and trust.
  • Leadership development and conflict management.
  • Councillor mentoring, team building and energiser sessions.
  • Self-leadership and individual coaching.
  • Mental Fitness & resilience programs.
key indicators




Why we incorporate coaching in our work

Return on Investment

Proven return on investment (ROI) from coaching ranges anywhere from 37% to 560%, with even the smallest estimate showing a significant impact.

ROI for companies who invest in developing soft skills such as agility and resilience (International Growth Centre, 2016).


ROI for companies who invest in employee well-being (CoachHub, 2020).


Increase in employee net promoter score (NPS), for organisations who create a sense of belonging (Harvard Business Review, 2019).


Giving Back

We are extremely fortunate to be able to do purposeful work through donation of both time, equity and product. We offer pro bono seats on our leadership program and offer low bono rates to not-for-profits.

social impact logo
social impact

Social Impact

Enabling teams – particularly in in regional and rural NSW – to be high performing so they can have a greater social impact on their stakeholders: the communities they serve.

guiding principle

Guiding Principle

Purpose Before Profit.

goal in 2 - 3 years

Goal In Next 2 - 3 Years

Increase our capacity and resources to enable the delivery of more extensive work with significant social impact. This includes the delivery of more pro bono and low-bono options.

Let's explore how we can help you and your team

How can we help?

What Our Valued Clients Say

team management profile

Team Management Profile

All our work is evidence-based. Our psychometric profiles for teams and individuals
have been endorsed by the British Psychological Society and continuously benchmarked against global norm data. These profiles have delivered solid frameworks in the development of leadership skills, personal development and high performing teams for more than 30 years.

Understanding work preferences is a critical component in developing individual,
team, group and organisational performance. Endorsed by the British Psychological Society, Team Management Systems’ Team Management Profile (“TMP”) Questionnaire focuses on enhancing understanding of an individual’s approach to work which provides constructive, work-based information outlining an individual’s work and communication preferences. It takes only 10 minutes to complete and has been used extensively in the development of high-performing teams globally.

The benefits of understanding others’ work preference include – amongst others:

The TMP also enables teams to identify bind spots. For example, if the team’s work preferences are under represented in one area, it may lead to issues such as insufficient focus on governance and risk. Various tools and diagnostics are provided to enable the team to do quick 10-minute check-ins to continuously assess performance on certain aspects (e.g how well a project team is tracking).

The TMP is used in a variety of ways. Some examples include:

Opportunities-Obstacles Quotient

QO2™ Opportunities-Obstacles Profile

The TMS Opportunities-Obstacles Quotient (QO₂) Profile highlights people’s predisposition to seeing opportunities vs obstacles in particular situations, and their probable approach to innovation, change and risk. It enables improved decision making, more effective problem solving and stronger clarity around goals.

The QO 2 Profile provides valuable insights as to why some people:

Understanding these differences enables executives to more successfully:

Linking Leader 360

Linking Leader 360 degree Corporate Program

Customised for based on the individuals involved, and unique organisational challenges, The Linking Leader Corporate Program follows the same principles as the Inner Circle leadership program. It includes the same profiles, PLUS Leadership Coaching with the TMS Linking Leader Profile (LLP|360) – one of the world’s most widely used 360° multi-rater diagnostics. The LLP|360 identifies performance around fundamental people, task, and leadership-related skills.

Download Sample Reports & Case Studies

Our Founder – Blyde Neser – is an Associate of Team Management Systems (“TMS”).

igniting human potential

Ngala TMS Case Study

Team Management Profile

QO2™ Opportunities-Obstacles Profile

Linking Leader Profile (LLP|360)